Dr Philippa Whitford, MP, visits Activon to discuss IR35

(photo of Dr. Philippa Whitford, MP, with Activon Directors Scott Bickerton and Oksana Bickerton)

Dr. Philippa Whitford, MP, visited Activon’s Liberator House office today, kindly giving up her time to understand the impact of proposed changes to the Off-Payroll legislation on small businesses like ours.

We enjoyed a constructive discussion on the intended and unintended consequences of the legislative changes, and in particular the prevalence of blanket status determinations and blanket bans on PSCs severely disrupting the UKs flexible workforce.

Dr Whitford stated:

“Whilst it is only fair that contractors pay their fair share of tax, experts have raised concerns IR35 does not achieve its stated aim of equalising tax between those under its scope and employees. IR35 has also been criticised as burdening contractors with an unfairly high level of bureaucracy, making it more difficult to play their flexible role in the economy.

“My colleagues used last year’s Autumn’s Budget to highlight our concerns over IR35’s complexity and apparent ineffectiveness and it is an issue we will continue to raise with the UK Government.”

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Whitford for taking the time to visit us in person, and for taking a genuine interest in the plight of local businesses as a result of the changes to IR35.